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Flocked flexible PVC


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Flocked PVC is used in many applications

Flocked flexible PVC can be high frequency welded in the same way that plain PVC can be. 

Flocked PVC is used extensively in the garment embellishment industry, it is often used for sponsors logos on soccer shirts and fashion wear. Other uses include stationery products, jewellery packaging, catering table tops, inflatable products, medical applications, toys. 

Key Benefits of a flocked PVC product

Can be HF welded in the same way as plain PVC.
Flocking looks great and gives a luxurious feel to the product.
Adds value to your products. 

Pricing and samples

Flocked PVC is usually sold in 50 metre rolls at 1400mm wide, we can produce this product to your specification, subject to minimum quantities.  

Call or email us for prices, samples and more information.


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