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Flocking is a spraying process where millions of fibres are coated onto a substrate to give a suede or velvet like appearance.

Loose flock fibresFlocked car carpet

The process we do is called electrostatic flocking, where the fibres are fed from a hopper into a high voltage electrostatic field the fibres become excited and gain energy which they immediately want to lose. The fibres do this by standing on end and seeking a place to lose the charge they have gained, the nearest place for this is the substrate we wish to coat which has been coated with a wet adhesive, the fibres hit the wet adhesive and embed themselves leaving a flocked surface.

We then pass the flocked sheet through a curing oven which dries and sets the adhesive.

After cleaning off loose fibres and trimming rough edges the product is wound up into rolls or packed into sheets ready for dispatch to the customer.

Site Last modified: January 05, 2007