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High Voltage Applications are Britain's premier commission flocking company. We operate from a 30,000 square foot factory in Leicester, England. We can flock coat any flat sheeting up to 160 cm wide on reels and sheets 100 x 75 cm with almost any specified fibre.

We trade under the name - HiVA Products (It is easier to say than High Volt...)

We are extremely good at developing products for specific applications and then helping to develop markets in partnership with our customers.

We think we are very good at what we do : Flock coating

Take a look at the product area of this website to see what we can do for you.

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Company History

Hiva Products started trading well before 1955 in a small shop on the Narborough Road in Leicester. Back in those days Pat Woodcock earned his living doing all things electrical and electronic, repairing televisions (even making his own!!), radios etc.. One of our earlier manufactured products was an "electrostatic generator" which worked on a similar principal to the Vandagraph.

During this time someone asked Pat to build him a flocking machine to spray some High Impact Polystyrene using the electrostatic generator. Thus was born our first homebuilt flocking machine in a high street shop!

The flocking process fascinated Pat and his sons Tom and Peter, who had joined the family business after short careers doing national service and working in the GPO and printing industry, they found themselves spending more time perfecting their machines and flocking any flat sheet that was put before them.

It wasn't long before the shop was too small for a proper manufacturing company and High Voltage Applications Ltd. had to move to new premises in Blaby, then on to Huncote, Cosby Number 1 factory (on another Narborough Rd.), Cosby Number 2 factory and eventually to the 30,000 square foot factory that we now enjoy.

Our products which started with thermoforming materials now find there way into a multitude of industies including packaging, sportswear, trophy markets, cosmetics, medical, flooring, automotive, optical, theatrical, jewellery and table tops.

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+44 (0)116 283 6977
+44 (0)116 283 5265
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Disraeli Street, Aylestone, Leicester, LE2 8LX, England
Electronic mail
General Information: info@hiva.co.uk
Sales: sales@hiva.co.uk    

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